Abe Odedina

Abe Odedina’s paintings speak through a highly comprehensible allegorical vernacular, offering bold yet accessible celebrations of the mythical. Odedina describes himself as a folk artist, and his practice is inspired by the rich figurative and oral traditions of African art, infused with traces of magic realism. His practice seeks to revive and deconstruct quintessential classical themes from mythologies originating as far apart as ancient Greece and Yorubaland to create a charged dialogue between epochs, cultures, and peoples. The stories that break through the surface of his paintings transcend physical borders and activate a uniquely contemporary conversation that oscillates between life and art.

Collectors of Odedina’s work include the British Government Art Collection, Africa First, Robert Devereux and Hunter Gray. His paintings have been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Academy and Somerset House (1-54). His most recent solo show was Birds of Paradise, Copeland Gallery, London, April 2019.

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