Arim Andrew

Arim Andrew earned his degree in social science, graduating from Kyambogo University in Uganda in 2015, but had always been drawn to art on account of his elder brother, an animator and illustrator. Andrew’s practice began with hyper-realistic portraits that juxtaposed his sitters with comic subjects, an early sign of his desire to aim beyond beauty. However, it was his participation in Surfaces 2017, an experimental drawing workshop in Kampala, that finally liberated his imagination. It marked the beginning of his interrogation of political and social power, and yielded his maiden solo show, A Portrait of Power, Authority and Control, at the Afriart Gallery, Kampala, in 2018, for which he inserted fictitious characters in realist paintings in an examination of the markers and wielding of power.

Andrew’s works have also been exhibited at the Cape Town Art Fair, 2019, and at the Kampala Art Biennale in 2018.

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