Armand Boua

Armand Boua studied at the National School of Fine Arts and the Technical Centre of Applied Arts, both in Abidjan. His work addresses man’s inhumanity to man, and he is particularly known for his textured and layered depictions of the street kids that invariably result from the political struggles and attendant violence in West Africa. Boua builds his compositions by applying, scrubbing and stripping back layer after layer of tar and acrylic on found cardboard, leaving abstract forms that come in and out of focus and allow room for interpretation: are the children victims of exploitation, symbols of hope and innocence, of volatility, fading memory, or of all at once? And might these images contain echoes of the commonplace atrocities that pass for everyday life?

Boua has a busy international exhibition schedule, and his work is in the permanent collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

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