Ayesha Feisal

Ayesha Feisal is a UK-based visual artist of Sierra Leonean descent who creates semi-abstract paintings that use the human form as a means to explore psychological states. Her work is an ongoing emotive response to events and situations, and is influenced and informed by her interest in consciousness, universal law, balance and truth. Feisal derives stylistic inspiration from artists of the expressionist and futurist movements, particularly regarding the manner in which they depicted meaning, experience, movement and time. Where expressionists used distortion and exaggeration for heightened emotional effect, Feisal employs unnatural colours, portraying characters who move beyond the impact of circumstance, environment and social condition. Her recent work explores personal transition and the philosophy of inner transformation.

Recent group shows include BBFA Presents, TAFETA, London, 2018; Dakar Biennale, OFF Dak’Art, Douta Seck Cultural Centre, Dakar, 2018; and Marrakech Off the Tracks! 1:54 Contemporary Art Fair, Morocco, 2018.

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