Ayobola Kekere-Ekun

Ayobola Kekere-Ekun is a mixed-media artist whose work often examines subjects of gender, mythology, power and the human condition. The multi-layered results, which she creates through a labour-intensive process, are heavily informed by personal experiences and observations. She is particularly interested in exploring the subtle interplay of time, space, gender, power and social structures in contemporary society, and sees the intricacy of her work as a visual metaphor for the complexity of her subjects.

Kekere-Ekun holds a BA and an MA degree in visual arts from the University of Lagos, where she lectures in the Department of Creative Arts. She is also currently studying for a PhD in art and design at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. She was the 2016 recipient of the Rele Art Foundation’s Young Contemporaries grant, and her recent group shows include Idanimo, Terra Kulture, Lagos (2017) and Her Story, Rele Gallery, Lagos (2017).

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