Claudie Dimbeng

Dimbeng’s work is based on the concept of mixed art relief, a mixed media technique inspired by Vohou-Vohou, an Ivorian art practice from the 70s that advocated the use of locally available materials and found objects, such as tapa, burlap, raffia, which she combines with layers of natural pigments to give the illusion of relief and depth. Her object, to link her culture with that of adopted lands or territorial corridors and promote intercultural dialogue.

Her new series, Behind the water …, symbolizes the hope embodied in migration and laments the plight of migrants, especially in regard to the Mediterranean crossing and its innumerable drownings. Dimbeng is a member of UNESCO’s Coalition of Artists for the General History of Africa and the French National Council of Plastic Arts. Her works have been presented at the Kino Kino Museum, Norway; Vilnius Town Hall, Lithuania; and the Egg Art Studio, India.

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