Gerald Chukwuma

Gerald Chukwuma studied painting at Nsukka Art School, University of Nigeria, and began his career as a painter before developing the multitude of techniques — burning, chiselling, collage — that he uses to create the wood-slate found material sculptures that he is becoming increasingly noted for. These intricately crafted and painted relief works are embedded with rich layers of history and personal and political meaning, deriving from his ongoing exploration of the process of transformation and reinvention that occurs through migration, and his reflections on Nigeria’s socio-political landscape and the local implications of the seemingly inexorable process of globalisation.

Chukwuma, an auction favourite, has exhibited in Nigeria, Cameroon, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States, and recently held a solo show, Standing Ovation, at Gallery 1957 in Accra, Ghana (2017).

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