Joel Mpah-Dooh

Joel Mpah-Dooh enjoys international critical acclaim with his paintings and multi-media works. A graduate of the Amiens School of Fine Arts in France, Mpah-Dooh is preoccupied with experimentation in his work. He is inspired by the tactile reality of his environment though he is mostly an inner traveler. He works on paper, canvas, corrugated iron and recently acrylic sheets, while incorporating earth, paints, clay, packaging, wood and chalk. His technique involves scratching.

Mpah-Dooh explores the fragility of individual human identity and how we reinvent ourselves while moving and evolving in the city. He suggests that in the process, this delicate “self” takes control through conflict with society and its institutions while drawing on history and destiny, as well as relationships. He has held solo and group exhibitions in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Austria, France, Lebanon, Cuba and the USA.

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