Modupeola Fadugba

Modupeola Fadugba is a multi-media artist working in painting, drawing, and socially engaged installation. She holds a BEng Chemical Engineering and MA Economics from the University of Delaware, and an MEd from Harvard University. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions internationally, received awards on her project, The People’s Algorithm, and has her works in notable collections.

As a self-taught artist, Modupe’s inspiration stems from a lifetime of experiences comparing the developed West, where she was primarily raised and educated, with developing countries like Togo and Nigeria, where she is from. Much of her thoughts are focused on what Chinese artist and activist, Ai Wei Wei, refers to as a “patriotic worrying” about her country. She is concerned with how Nigeria can, beyond banal descriptions of development, excel as a nation. Her artistic work reflects these concerns, as she explores themes of games, calculation, and value within the Nigerian context.

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