Soji Adesina

Soji Adesina is a multi-disciplinary and multimedia artist whose practice spans drawing, painting, film, photography, installation and graphic design, though his preferred medium is acrylic paint on canvas. He is a graduate of the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.

Adesina proposes that the context in which an object is seen is all-important, and that what we see depends on what we look for, our perspective and expectations stemming, as they do, from the influence and instruction of past experiences. In his view, these factors exist in a larger matrix of thought and connect his practice to a larger field of meaning. Central to his practice is a fascination with memory, language, identity, globalization and sovereignty. Among the resulting works are attempts at understanding the effect of globalisation and the international politics of conflict on radicalization, the state and migration, executed with a layered use of irony, puns, metaphor and paradox.

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