Uchay Joel Chima

Uchay Joel Chima fuses practicality and industry in artistic form. A graduate of the Art School from the Institute of Management in Enugu, the artist has been described as obsessed with the possibility of material. In 2015/2016, Chima participated in the Platteforum’s residency in Denver, Colarado. He has also been in residence at Vidgis Holen Studio in Karlstad, Sweden; Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont; Spark Box Studio in Ontario, Canada and at the One Minute Foundation in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Chima’s works have continued to evolve, remaining relevant to developments in contemporary art and he has exhibited in prominent galleries and museums in Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. Using string, wax, sand, charcoal, sacks and paint that depict memory and imagination in mixed media experiments, Chima produces layered explorations that fuse bold colors, lines and texture.

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