Each year, in the run-up to the ART X Lagos art fair, we bring on board a number of bright and talented young individuals to take on a variety of short-term roles within our team, working across various departments, to help us to bring our dynamic art fair to life. A number of exciting roles are available for our 2019 art fair, and we look forward to receiving applications from passionate, energetic and self-starter young men and women, who believe they can and will make great additions to our team.

The available roles are listed below, along with their respective requirements.

To Apply: Send an email to with your CV and the relevant role title in the email subject line.

Logistics Coordinator

About the Role: This role is suitable for someone who is great at planning and managing logistics for travel, hospitality and other related concerns. You will be liaising with our travel agents and hospitality partners on flight, hotel and vehicle arrangements for our various stakeholders and special guests. Attention to detail, strong organizational and communication (written and verbal) skills, great customer service and proficiency with spreadsheets are a must for this role.

Experience: 1 – 2 years of experience working in an admin or related role.

Required Period: September 16th – November 8th 2019 (8 weeks)

Gallery Relations & Art Projects Coordinator

About the Role: This role is best suited for a person interested in the visual arts, from both the curatorial and administrative perspectives. You will work closely with our Artistic Director (our lead curator) to facilitate the execution of special art projects at the fair (including our community outreach projects) as well as handle logistics and customer relations pertaining to the exhibiting galleries. The role requires strong written and verbal communication skills. Strong interpersonal skills are essential, as are strong organisational skills.

Experience: 1 – 2 years working in an administrative capacity, preferably one involving creatives.

Required Period: September 16th – November 8th 2019 (8 weeks)

Event Coordination Associate

About the Role: This role is ideal for someone who enjoys event planning across a wide variety of event types. The candidate will support our Guest Relations & Event Coordination Manager to deliver the various sub-events of the ART X Lagos 2019 fair, ensuring that all vendors and stakeholders set up for each event as per their brief and will implement the guest protocol with relevant team members. You will coordinate the show flow for each event ensuring that key actors are where they need to be at the right time, such that events are executed seamlessly. Strong interpersonal, project management and organisational skills are a must.

Experience: 1 – 2 years working in event planning.

Required Period: October 14th – November 8th 2019 (4 weeks)

Sales Manager

About the Role: This role is ideal for someone who enjoys sales, and has good financial management and interpersonal skills. The candidate will be responsible for overseeing all merchandise being sold at the ART X Lagos fair shop. You will be supported by a team and key responsibilities will include transportation of merchandise, daily stock management, merchandise display, monitoring and executing sales, vendor management, as well as daily financial reporting, amongst others. You will also oversee art sales of the fair’s special projects.

Experience: 2 – 3 years experience in retail or sales, preferably involving high value products.

Required Period:  October 14th – November 8th 2019 (4 weeks)

Social Media Content Lead

About the Role: This role is well suited to someone with an excellent grasp of social media, notably on Instagram, with a firm understanding of the art and culture space. Ideally, the candidate will have a number of years of experience running a brand or blog social media page. Candidates should have exemplary writing skills and should have strong experience in generating social media captions. You will work closely with the marketing and content team to develop and execute a social media content plan for the week of the fair, during the fair, and after the fair.

Experience: 2 – 3 years of experience in content marketing in the lifestyle or culture industry.

Required Period: October 21st – November 8th 2019 (3 weeks); with meeting attendance prior.

Photo Editor

About the Role: This is a specialist role for a photo editor or a photographer with great experience in photo editing. You will work closely with our team of photographers to organise and compartmentalise all the photos that will be taken at the fair. You will need to work very quickly to archive images, and then identify the strongest images to be retouched. All photography will need to be re-touched, edited, and organised at an extremely fast pace, so the role is suited to an individual comfortable working under tight time constraints.

Experience: 2 – 3 years of experience working as a photo editor or a professional photographer with experience in photo editing.

Required Period: October 28th – November 8th 2019 (12 days); with meeting attendance prior.

Fair Ambassadors (Docents)

We require a wide variety of docents to work within several sections of the art fair as ambassadors responsible for guest-engagement and the communication of key information. Upon recruitment, docents will be assigned to specific sections subject to their areas of interest, experience and their natural skillset. Docents and ambassadors are required to staff the welcome/help teams, art project and store sales, guided tours, key guest relations, stage management, to name a few sections.

About the Role: These roles are ideal for young people who are energetic, enthusiastic and have great interpersonal skills. Applications are welcome from university students and recent graduates. The candidates will be required to learn detailed information about their assigned departments and become subject matter experts in a short period of time. They will interface with guests, working as the fair’s ambassadors to create great first impressions amongst the various types of audience members.

Experience: Prior experience volunteering at large events, in retail stores, concerts or at art exhibitions is sufficient.

Required Period: October 30th – November 3rd 2019 (5 days full-time); with training sessions on October 19th and 26th 2019.

Content Team Runners

About the Role: This role is suited to young university students or recent graduates looking for experience in the lifestyle or arts and culture industry. You will work directly with the content team, from the Communications Manager, to photographers and videographers, to support on the administration and upkeep of content during the fair. You will be tasked with obtaining and collating large amounts of information in a fast-paced environment. The role requires a positive “can-do” attitude and outstanding attention to detail.

Experience: Experience working or volunteering at cultural events, concerts, or large scale weddings.

Required Period: October 30th – November 3rd 2019 (5 days full-time); with training sessions on October 19th or 26th 2019.

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