Interactive Projects

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With the intention of engaging the full spectrum of attendees at ART X Lagos, each year the Interactive Projects invite guests to experience new ways of artistic expression. For the 2019 Interactive Projects, A Whitespace Creative Agency, the curator, explored the theme of PLAY.  The Interactive Projects was presented by 7UP.

Play as Collective

In Play as Collective, the juxtaposition of the analogue world and our desired digital future is interrogated. Developed from a collaboration between Nifemi Marcus-Bello, Desiree Craig and Deborah Segun, the project explored the act of wishing through the lens of nostalgia and aspiration. Creating a virtual wishing installation, the artists simulated the act of making a wish, allowing participants to experience a sense of idealistic hope.

Play as Creation

In Play as Creation, we created an interactive textile installation resulting from a collaboration between artist Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu and fashion designer Bubu Ogisi. It explored the idea of print, pattern and form-making, and revealed how these yield the everyday materials and textiles that adorn our bodies. Incorporating methods such as wax printing, silk printing and indigo dyeing, the project merged traditional Nigerian textile manufacturing practices with modern forms of expression. The audience was invited to interact with the textiles through an immersive installation that allowed them to participate in the production process by designing wearable items of their own.

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