Osaze Amadasun

Osaze Amadasun, music_is_the_weapon

Osaze Amadasun is an illustrator and designer. His works offer a comical and satirical look at society, often political or historical. He studied architecture at the University of Lagos, Nigeria where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Environmental Design. Amadasun has been an avid art lover from his early days, entering into several art competitions and participating in anything art-related. Since then, he has explored different methods and techniques to create his art, such as traditional painting, digital painting, sculpture and more.

In recent times, Amadasun has begun to look inward – he taps into the diverse culture around him to create his art. He is interested in documenting and storytelling through his work. Amadasun is inspired by his immediate environment, popular culture, music and nature, among others.

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