A: Tell us about who you are and your accomplishments to date.

A: The proposed project may be in any medium(s) of your choice.

A: Usually, the strongest applications include all submission requirements. We strongly encourage all applicants to make sure that they check to make sure that they’ve submitted all that is required.

A: Strong proposals are big ideas that are clearly explained in simple language. These often include how the project relates to the artist’s past work, consider the Fair environment, and indicate a new direction in the artist’s practice.  The accompanying images should help jury members to better visualize the proposed project.

A: Weak proposals are often incomplete and may include low-resolution images.   Some weak proposals do not clearly describe the project or how it will be executed.

A: We encourage you to share your application to get feedback.  Try having someone who doesn’t know anything about visual art go through it.

A: A studio does not need to be anything extravagant or lavish. All we would like to see is an image of where you work.

A: We encourage those who are not sure whether they have been practicing long enough to apply.

A: The winner must be available to work on their project from 1 July – 4 November 2019.  The precise times will be communicated to the finalists.