Visitor Guidelines

To ensure the safety and comfort of ART X Lagos visitors, please be aware of and make a note of the following:
  • Please ask exhibitors before taking photos at the booth.
  • Consumption of food inside the show venue is prohibited during show times.
  • During the fair, visitors can head to our designated café where food and drinks can be purchased from a selection of vendors.
  • Bags brought into the show venue will be searched by security personnel at the entry and exit points. All visitors must comply with requests from our security staff.
  • Photography is allowed for personal use only. No professional cameras with long lenses, flashes, extendable camera devices (i.e. monopods, tripods etc.) are permitted without a Press Pass (email to request for one).
  • Press, promotional photography and filming will take place on the show premises during show times. Attendance at the fair implies permission for your image to be used in post-event reportage of the fair.
  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted within the show venue, with the exception of certified service animals for visitors with disabilities.
  • Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas.

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